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A TINY NOISE BOX IS ME [26 Feb 2012|06:16pm]
It is hard to focus when all of the good feelings are flowing out like a rainbow wave of giddy satisfaction and positive ALL-ENVELOPING LOVE! I try and calm down, take a shower. I want to listen to more Tatsuya! I want to traverse everything! What is the source? I am pretty confident that, as always, it is coffee.

Haha, this time last year I was posting about spring. Right now it is frigid, sloppy weather, Tallahassee's gone all Seattle on me. WEIRD HUH.



Need to do homewerks. Going to do it. Gonna do it all ahead of time, not give no fucks later in the week. Gonna be able to take so many naps. Should I go to earthskills, or buy tickets to poland? WHERE AM I HEADED?? POLAND OR GAINESVILLE? FAU? THE DUUUUUUMP

Thinking about work [18 Oct 2011|09:02pm]
makes me want to vomit

ACH! [03 Oct 2011|04:09pm]
All at once this whole town becomes sleepy and exhausted and worn the fuck out, the weather is switching over but we push ourselves, for what reason? All us hard working people only have got hard working going for us, my next best chance at a day off is thanksgiving, I can keep it up until then.

Coasting on coffee and free food. Should be better about spending money since I don't need to at allllll.

Soon I will be crawling around the tatras, soon I will be crawling over the appalachian hills and rocky mounts, soon I will be in madagascar, where sheep are sacred. Until then I want to be conscious, and active, and here. And happy!

house cleaning [09 Aug 2011|11:18pm]
maybe this whole house system will work better


Paper due in five hours [05 Aug 2011|04:06am]
not sleeping is a great idea.

Coffee is the most brilliant thing i've ever tasted.

Alrighty time to start typinggg!

RAIN [08 Jul 2011|09:26am]


My Days [12 Jun 2011|10:59pm]
Of sea, sun, video games, and flapjack and family drama are over already, as always, too soon, tragedy!

I'll be back, east coast.

Hey Adam! [12 Jun 2011|09:18pm]

YYYYYEAH [07 Jun 2011|12:38am]


I aced that shit, and watched a ton of flapjack. Heck yeah.

fffff [26 May 2011|12:09pm]
Internet is terrible! All my cyberpunk cravings and my keyboard doesn't even work anyway. Anyway it eats up my motivation.

Peaches are wonderful.

Wasting my life in/Ready to plan my escape from Tallahassee, even though I like it very much.

fffff [22 Apr 2011|12:22am]
Can't fucking get over how fucking good it feels to ride my fucken biiike. FUuuck yeahhh. And eat beans and cheese and sour cream for desert. Still under my calorie limit. Did a butt kickin job at work. All that's left is to kick butt in my free time! Going to kick the butts of everything. Kick adam's butt at everything all day.

Happy, it seems, as long as I'm moving.

Wheelz [19 Apr 2011|11:38pm]
A day of friends, physical activeness, strangers, nature, beers+chillin, sweeeeet.

Making free collards, pizza toast, rummy mulberries. So fucking ready for this summer to be happening. All hair and ticks and snakes and water and plants and the overwhelming, flowery scent stuffed into your nose. And biking until my legs are stubs.

yup uh huh [17 Apr 2011|11:24pm]
Good evaluation! RAISE! Got my homework done! AND BIKED FOR FUN! Just gotta keep this momentum up, keep going, clean up this livin im doing, get up early, keep biking, keep it up, come on, come on, the person i want to become is just one uphill bike ride away. Always one twenty-dollar purchase, one more chore to do, one grade, one party I make myself go to, one skin blemish, one diet, away.

Forty minutes to rock out and pick up and somehow wind down from this coffee so I can get in bed and listen to nnnnnnnnoise on adam's radio station.

kickin butt [10 Apr 2011|02:52pm]
kickin butt
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Lovin' [02 Mar 2011|11:32pm]
All Saints, with its late hours and cappuccino made by cute acquaintances.

Akron Family, Before and Again, which makes me think of a human spiraling out into space held by a red ribbon.

Trying to calm my fluttering heart and attention span down to write a paper on DDEEEAATTHHH.

Sick but [25 Feb 2011|10:32am]
It's sprrriiiiiiiinnnnnggggg awessuuuuuuummm

I've broken a fever and all that's left is to get the junk that's making my throat hurt to come out my face.

For the semester of health, I'm down 2-0. shit.

Drifting around. This season makes me aimless. Tallahassee is a beautiful city, the trees make my heart swell year round. I miss the sun but it's okay with this warm air, breeze, sweaty rock shows.
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valenherp [14 Feb 2011|11:17pm]
star trek yusssssss

Things [03 Feb 2011|02:15am]
to do before august, or give up all material belongings:

Fix/play chess
Learn a guitar tab
Learn a bass tab
Foreman grill
Strip toaster oven for metal
Read 30 donate-able books; all of the magazines
Go camping
Learn a skateboard trick
Sew a bunch of shit
fix my typewriter
paint, color, sketch, and otherwise CREATE
Get paid for aluminum
Put on a play utilizing dozens of paper bag puppets and a giant doughnut and a sacred sd card
Cook out of cookbooks
Chant a ton
Play records
Make mixtape
Ride my bike relentlessly
Cleanout the old laptop; get ubuntu
Take hundreds of photos of the city
Make several collages. Fill up sketchbooks, get rid of them, or distribute
Fly a kite
Get buff
Play video games; fix pokemon games
write letters, write postcards, write write write
Illustrate/write books in both japanese and french
Paint nails
Record video
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a title of sumthin [02 Feb 2011|08:57am]
I know I should ride my bike, just like I should join roller derby, but there's so much fear and nervousness and acid inside me. Makes it hard to do anything.

I've made a few priorities this semester, including sleep as one of them, and it's amazing. On eight hours, I'm excited every day. There's the side effect of getting grumpy at night if I stay up, but when I sleep enough I love everybody. Aww yeahhh.

My goals seem tangible. I'm working more than I need to again, which is relieving. Things are going on, shows are coming up, it's all exciting.

I'm making room for school, werkin hard, riding my bike, sleeping, the only things left are addressing my health and taking better care of my friends! Makin' presents. Everyone is my friend, even as an introvert; this town is beautiful, the only thing left is to photograph every inch.

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